Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Principal faces discipline for report :: KT

The ministry of education has taken a decision to refer the principal of the Ak Qara'ain School in Sharjah, Jameela Abdul Aziz and all administrative and teaching staff for questioning following publication of a report in the newspaper claiming that the classrooms lacked furniture. The report was even accompanied by a photograph purporting to show an empty classroom.

Officials of Sharjah educational zone had said that Jameela had deliberately got the report published to show the school in a poor light to embarrass them.
. . .
Zonal administration suggested that she be questioned and in case found guilty, the higher authority at the Ministry would decide to demote her to the post of assistant to the principal or have her pensioned off.
Does the veracity of the report matter?

Can we expect the public sector to perform well if it is sheltered from criticism by public employees? Other countries have asked the same question about whistleblowers.



Blogger pixelsonic said...

I may be wrong but my belief is that the libel laws in the UAE are heavily biased towards the accused and not the accuser...remember that article about censorship in Time Out?

Sadly, whistleblowers seem to be swept under the same rug as journalists.

11:56 PM  

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