Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bahrain National Competitiveness Council :: Gulf News

Jasim Ali, the head of Economic Research Unit, University of Bahrain, writes:
BNCC's report focused on the worst five factors that undermine engaging in business activities in Bahrain.

Ranked from the worst, the factors are restrictive labour regulations; inadequately educated workforce; inefficient bureaucracy; poor work ethics and access to financing.

On the issue of labour, the report calls on the authorities to engage in dialogue with concerned stakeholders regarding matters such as applying fees on expatriates.

With regard to education, the study urges the government to promote teaching involving critical and analytical thinking.

With regards to bureaucracy, the report calls for carrying out sweeping reforms of the judicial system.

On the matter of poor work ethics, the study urges provision of career counselling for young Bahrainis seeking to enter the job market.



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