Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Media, public outcry over Saudi teacher sentencing :: Khaleej Times

The case of a Saudi high school teacher sentenced to three years in prison and 750 lashes for charges of mocking religion has opened a debate in Saudi Arabia, reports said yesterday.

Mohammad Al Harbi’s case has attracted attention in the Press with both columnists and the public in general strongly attacking what is widely seen as a harsh and unjust sentence, the Saudi newspaper Arab News reported yesterday.

Al Harbi was talking to his pupils about his views on a number of current topics, such as Christianity, Judaism and the causes of terrorism.
More at Arab News:
Apparently Al-Harbi’s actions and comments against terrorism upset a number of Islamic studies teachers known for their fundamentalist beliefs. After the Al-Hamra blast in Riyadh, Al-Harbi copied an article, “Cavemen Go to Hell” written by Saudi columnist Hammad Al-Salmi in Al-Jazirah newspaper, attacking terrorists and extremists. Al-Harbi posted the article on the school bulletin board but it was ripped off and torn to pieces.
Full and continuing coverage over at the Religious Policeman.

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