Saturday, February 18, 2006


A commenter to an earlier post reports that Etisilat is blocking access to Michelle Malkin. The commenter says it is because of her writings about the Dubai takeover of six major US ports.

The White House does not oppose the takeover, but many US bloggers, left and right, do. My position is stated here - in short, I support the administration's position.

I suspect that Michelle Malkin is blocked for more than her opposition to the ports takeover and has more to do with her take on the cartoon controversy. (She's bordering on racism in both cases. I'd have thought she was bright enough to know better. Perhaps she's fueling outrage to raise her profile and fill her pocketbook. Perhaps she's just lost some perspective. Things like 9/11 do tend to have that effect on some.)

If the UAE is not happy with the coverage the ports takeover is receiving in the US, it should address the concerns many good-spirited Americans have. Engage in the debate and demonstrate that those concerns are ill-founded.

My approach would not be to block access to Michelle Malkin in the UAE. It would be to expose her views to the light of day, and confront them.

I'd like to know if your access to Michelle Malkin is blocked (click link above). UAE readers, please leave a comment either way.

For more on internet filtering practices in the UAE go here.

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Blogger grapeshisha said...

Blocked for me, as are a few others. Not in the freezone, obviously.

3:55 PM  
Blogger Brn said...

I noticed that she was blocked earlier in the week. She was not just a couple of weeks ago. I would guess that it is the cartoons controversy that got her blocked too.

7:10 AM  

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