Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Abu Dhabi-Dubai power grid link set for next month :: Gulf News
Increasing bonds of mutual affection?

That each emirate has had its own standalone electric system speaks volumes about attitudes here towards federalism. It raises the question: why invest in a system that is more expensive - a non-interconnected system - when the essential virtue of a system is that it lowers the cost if you decide to exit the federation.

Geography between Abu Dhabi and Dubai might explain why interconnection is only just beginning - there are large mostly empty expanses between the two population centers. But it does not explain why interconnection between the adjoining cities of Dubai and Sharjah has only even been discussed in the last year.

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UPDATE: GN link fixed - thanks to jumeirah john.


Blogger jumeira_john said...


You failed to properly tag your link to the original article @Gulfnews.

I am willing to spend sometime to search myself at gulfnews, but would be much easier if you could save me that part. :)

10:10 AM  
Anonymous The Lounsbury said...

I recall the first time I had to drive from Dubai to Sharjah for a business trip.

It was bizarre. I asked my local colleague how long he thought it would be before Sharjah figured out it was cutting off its own nose to spite its face. His response was amusing, a shrug, a big smile and "Ilm Allah."

8:53 PM  

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