Thursday, March 16, 2006

Craig Newmark joins Faculty of Farkonomics

Long-time readers of The Emirates Economist will know that we have long had our eye on Craig Newmark of Newmark's Door.* As we've often stated, Newmark is our number 1 favorite human browser. He's not a shabby economist either.

Thus, it comes as a great pleasure to announce that Prof. Newmark has accepted an appointment to the faculty of farkonomics. To quote from his letter of acceptance "I'd be pleased to have an adjunct appointment." Don't worry, Betsy, he's not giving up his day job.

Prof. Newmark has already made his mark in the young field of farkonomics. See a sample of his early work in the area here. Space and time limitations do not allow us to give a comprehensive list of his contributions to the area. (Google or Technorati would be likely sources for those interested to find out more his work - phrases like "via fark, of course" may produce acceptable search results.)

Prospectively it is anticipated that Prof. Newmark will participate in an occasional series tentatively titled carnival of farkonomics.

- - -
*Not to be confused with
the other Craig Newmark.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, congratulations!

Craig Newmark (the other one)

7:34 PM  

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