Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Marginal Revolution is Insight Central

"I've read through the new Davis, Murphy, and Topel paper on the Iraq War. They conclude that if you account for the future dangers of a Saddam-led Iraq, the war might make sense in cost-benefit terms, and yes that does count dead Iraqis. Most of all, this paper takes seriously the costs of future containment efforts that might have been needed against Saddam." - Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution

Sorbonne students protesting today are the cause of the Paris riots by unemployed Muslims last year. Because firing costs are hiring costs. And that gives scope to selection by race. - Alex Tabarrok at Marginal Revolution

For his tip to check out Tabarrok, thanks to The EclectEcon who emailed to say it reminded him of what I wrote here about employment of Emiratis:

Nationals prefer the salaries and working conditions of government jobs -- most open only to them. And it is difficult to dismiss a national employee. Thus, firms are reluctant to hire nationals because they are likely to quit and because it is difficult to fire them. The citizens' rights create barriers to their employment.
Regular readers will recognize this as one of the recurring themes of our humble blog.

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