Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Isle of Man: Minister Critices OECD Black List

One of the circles I travel in the UAE is the Manx Society. Manx are people from the Isle of Man. It's a small island and as you might imagine you won't find many Manx here. Thus, they infuse their numbers with honorary members. Benefits include invitation to the annual Christmas party, annual talent show, and the Annual Charity Banquet where I get to wear the tux I had made in Bur Dubai (Royalex - excellent).

Thus, I was shocked to read (follow link in headline above) that the Isle of Man is a - shock, horror - tax haven and "banking" center, and is blacklisted by the Organisation for Economic C0-operation and Development and, even, the state of Montana.

I guess fair is fair. It's just not fair to be small and use judo to boost your economy. It's just not "co-operative" to steal corporate headquarters away from larger countries who need the tax base to fund government. Afterall, if it weren't for government there'd be no development.


Blogger secretdubai said...

I have Manx blood. Not enough to claim residence there, but my father could if he wanted to.

Though my mother would divorce him if he tried. She went there once reluctantly on holiday, and vowed never again ;)

12:48 AM  
Blogger Tim Newman said...

Afterall, if it weren't for government there'd be no development.

Yes, but more often that not the government hinders development once it reaches a certain size, hence people (like me) prefer to keep our money on the IOM and safely out of the hands of idiots like Gordon Brown.

2:53 PM  
Blogger John B. Chilton said...

Tim - I was in a highly-tongue-firmly-in-check mood yesterday... I meant nearly the opposite of that last sentence... Perhaps you recognize that already.

Thanks for all your value-adding comments at EmEc.

Best, John

3:04 PM  

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