Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Left

There's a saying in the Arab world, "you don't want to be a leftist." It really makes you wonder why so many Arab countries dabbled with communism during the 20th century.

The source of the saying is Islamic:

Then the people of the right hand
--how happy the people of the right hand!
And the people of the left hand

--how wretched the people of the left hand!
In the West there is the very same concept which is well illustrated by this image from the Catedral Viejo in Salamanca. (Notice the perspective from which left and right is defined.)

At the end of the day I am a Christian. But I'm afraid there are some Christians who think I will be Left Behind. Left Behind for a number of reasons including: I am willing to live with the contradiction that there are people who confess other faiths who I believe I will see when I get to heaven. I'm staking my life on it.

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