Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Islamic nation is facing a host of daunting challenges :: Khaleej Times:
SHARJAH - The Islamic nation is facing a host of daunting challenges which have drastically affected its present and future, according to Dr Ismail Al Beshri, Chancellor of University of Sharjah (UoS).

"It is natural that education in general and universities in particular stand up to these sensitive challenges," he said at the opening of the 11th edition of the meeting of Executive Council of Islamic Universities Association which opened in Sharjah on Sunday.
. . .
'Further, we need to challenge the intellectual and cultural invasion that our country is facing from all corners," he noted.

I wonder if I'm in one of those corners.


Blogger Dubai Entrepreneur said...

Unfortunately, people learn from people who still think they live on an island isolated from the rest of the world.

If you don't mix, integrate and adapt from other cultures.. stagnation will simply kill your own.

7:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leaving cultural for later, "Intellectual invasion"? His statements contradict his very job description. Speaks volumes on the very quality of the "intellectual" institution he represents.

8:31 PM  
Blogger uae alias said...

Well I have to say I agree... Globalization is a must and this is one of its cons!... no matter of what culture you belong to its an important issue that you still keep you cultural identity! We are Muslims and Arabs the origin and the religion which are conservative so what is coming is QUITE the reverse! the capitalist culture! ... therefore rejection at first and having difficulties accepting it is not the wasy thing to do...
I'm arab from UAE who is muslim, Im a fresh graduate, i watch ABC news, Oprah, Dr.phil, Friends, Tru calling , so you think you can dance.......etc of american TV ... yet because I'm aware of who am I, i know how to intercept whats on T.V... I know what can suit me and what can't, what is good about the american culture that can make my life better and whats is stupid and shallow!... because i Know who Iam.. because i have an identity!
so cultural identity is important especially to raise your kids to know who are they , what suits them and what not...
I have deeeeep respect of every conservative culture! and to be honest USA as a society isn't as all an example of what i want my UAE next generations to be!

8:45 PM  
Blogger Samawel said...

Amusing, so I, as a local, have been invaded intellectually and culturally from all corners.

Yeah, that's just about right.
Let's see.. Culture: I listen to jazz, sexually liberated, loud and noisy about safe-sex, interested in absurdism. Let's not forget, all corners: deep respect for Modern Japanese Culture (and the fusion of old and new), tried out Aikido, uses quick Chinese characters as symbols for words in class notes. Watches ArirangTV and NHK once in a while. Watches independent films and "dependent" movies from other nations.
Intellectual: read newspapers out of Europe and North America. I'm too liberal to name a nation by its religion. An anationalist, thanks to Esperanto. A green. Individualist. Religiously-liberated.

I can't think up a bunch of other labels that I fit into. So yeah, I'm sure Albeshri would be glad to expel me from UoS, had I been there.

But that doesn't mean I haven't kept a somewhat morphed and "redone" version of Emirati Arab culture, and not to mention language.

9:23 PM  
Blogger Dubai Entrepreneur said...

Samawel, you are too liberal for Americans! What most people don't understand about the US is that it is far more conservative than what you see on TV. Really conservative!
I have a feeling you were writing about me (with the japanese culture fascination exception) :)

uae alias, perhaps the problem is that your selection of TV shows is already shallow. Also, what you watch on TV _does_ affect who you are. You are not an island. Everything about you and around you affects and changes who you are. You might just not know it (which is a bad thing).

9:42 PM  
Blogger uae alias said...

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2:28 PM  
Blogger uae alias said...

Samawel how do u defined urself? open minded or leaving the door open for whatever you like to do!you are in all cultures what they call irresponsible person!!
Im not being offensive معاذ الله but you if you didn't say you are local i would've thought you are VERY American who is very spoiled! ur identity is spoiled!
beside im interested in aburdism as well :D as a philosphy that gives minds like mine reliefe of mind in terms of the way it deals with the creation of universe.

Dubai entr:
Well I agree what we watch in T.v affects who we are this is why i gave examles on those shallow shows...
because these shows i mentioned are FULL of cultural aspects like the fashion, the realtions, the jokes... so these are the cultural hazardous shows..>>> therefore i believe our childeren should be raised with cultural identity that make them able to deal with all of these inputs of other cultures!!
WOW , how many times i said culture ! lol :)

2:54 PM  
Blogger Samawel said...

hehe... uae alias... I don't have much of a definition for myself... You can say I'm open-minded... Most of my doors are open, not all. I have a tendency of opening them and making sure I understand it and then decide if I should close it, and if I should lock it shut.

Yeah, actually the person who doesn't know me well would assume I'm extremely irresponsible. I'm actually far more cautious (and therefore responsible) than most people I know.

I might be sexually liberated, as I explained earlier, but that, by no means, indicates that I am promiscuous. I know people who are conservative but have more sex in a month than I'll have in a year.

Yeah, I guess I am spoiled in that sense. A spoiled traditional person. :)

3:20 PM  
Blogger uae alias said...

so you are as they say in Arabic zani, and as prophet mohammad said al moqeen 3ala el zena ka 3abed el wathan...
Dont you think that all ppl around the globe won't love to live an open life like this? yes but what hold them back thier consiousness and common sense, which i dont think you have any! if you continued living like this u won't be ever happy and remeber it when you end up alone and sad, may allah yahdeek!
Sorry MR. Jhone I didn't mean to spoil the professional theme of your page :(

5:06 PM  

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