Sunday, October 07, 2007

Residency cap?

Gulf News:
The GCC labour ministers' council will also explore the possibility of enacting a law for domestic helpers and creating a model system for local market data base, according to official news agency WAM.

UAE Minister of Labour Dr Ali Bin Abdullah Al Ka'abi said the meeting will discuss what is called (3+3 law) which allows unskilled workforce to stay in the country for three years which can be renewed for another three years.
"To enforce a residency cap on unskilled workers of a maximum of six years will contribute to solving the problems associated with the influx of foreign workers and protect our identity," said Al Ka'abi, adding that he is hopeful that the proposal will be approved at the meeting.
The number of foreign workers can be controlled by limiting the number of worker visas. It's not clear why we would want to churn workers. Firms, I would think, would like to get something out of the investment they've made in familiarizing the workers with the job. And if some of the workers are drivers - say of company trucks or heavy equipment - isn't it to our benefit to keep the ones who have become familiar with driving here?

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