Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Odd "news"

Anyone know more?
Wild story about busting of Emirati spy ring trying to incorporate Oman into UAE making the rounds.. crazy stuff! (Ar)
The link goes to an Arabic language website, nahrainnet.net. Google translates the headline this way:
Gulf sources: spy network Alamartyp part of the Israeli project to include the Sultanate of Oman to the UAE, the stage of post-Sultan Qaboos
In the original:
مصادر خليجية : شبكة التجسس الامارتية جزء من مشروع اسرائيلي لضم سلطنة عمان الى دولة الامارات مابعد مرحلة قابوس
In other news, Roger Cohen opines about The Captive Arab Mind. Of course, a lot of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim, too.

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