Friday, February 11, 2005

66 local men to face action for failing on wedding procedures - Khaleej Times

ABU DHABI — The government will initiate legal action against 66 UAE nationals for failing to complete their marriages after receiving the first installment of Dh40,000 of their Dh70,000 marriage grant.

“These men have received the first Dh40,000 installment of the Dh70,000 marriage grant and did not complete the marriage ceremonies without valid reasons,” Jamal bin Obeid Al Bah, the Director General of the Marriage Fund, told Khaleej Times.

Legal actions will be taken to assist the fund get back the first installment disbursed, he said.

The fund has also received complaints from the brides’ families that some of these men had divorced their wives a short time after tying the knot, he said. He noted that 70 per cent of the early divorce cases had been reported by brides’ families.

Fraud is the short way of saying what's going on. It seems to be an indication of social breakdown, sorry to say -- although 66 may be a small number. I wonder how many brides are too embarassed to turn their husbands in. Or whether some brides are complicit. Read the whole thing. I don't quite get the next bit from the same article.

Bah lamented that after divorcing their local wives, some young national men were getting married to non-nationals and claimed that they would not receive the grant.

“This category represents a real challenge to the fund as they could prove that they got married to locals without getting their financial grant,” said Bah.

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