Saturday, February 12, 2005

Women are advancing, but their pay is not - Gulf News Opinion

I like it that the Gulf News picked up this opinion piece from the Baltimore Sun (complete with references to UMBC* (University of Maryland at Baltimore County)). It is appropriate that readers of the Gulf News learn that the status of women in the labor market in the United States remains a topic of controversy there, just as it is in the UAE. The more our two countries notice our commonalities the better. And some times it is easier to pick the log out of your own eye when you notice someone else's log in the eye.

For arguments that run counter to much found in the Baltimore Sun piece check out this Becker-Posner posting. They also examine whether Larry Summers, the economist and president of Harvard, should have spoken on the subject of women in science, and given that he did whether he should have apologized for what he said and created two Harvard task forces as a result.

The question has been asked: am I the next Larry Summers? I think that's a bit of a stretch on any number of dimensions.

X*Seeing the initials UMBC reminds me of a particular University of South Carolina home basketball game against UMBC. The UMBC coach refused to allow the game to start until the scoreboard had been changed from UMBC to University of Maryland at Baltimore County. As I recall, UMBC won the game.


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