Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Outsourced cleaning crew doubles as exam invigilators at government school - Khaleej Times: "What does one do when a good number of teachers bunk invigilation duty, and prefer to stay at home on days examinations are conducted? Cheer up and ask the office boys and cleaners around to double up as supervisors and invigilators!...When horrified DEZ authorities heard of the goings-on in Al Rashidiya Adult Education Centre, they immediately shot a missive asking them to stop the practice. They followed it up with instruction to all the Adult Education Centres to submit list of teachers who had abstained from examination work, and the number worked out to 50. These 50 teachers were served warning immediately that if they did not report to work, their cases would be referred to the Legal Affairs Department of the Ministry. Needless to say, that had the desired effect and attendance remained at 100 per cent after that!"


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