Monday, May 02, 2005

Private lessons from your public school teacher - Gulf News

In full:

By Tahseen Shaghouri, Staff Reporter
Fujairah - Teachers at public schools in Fujairah have been warned not to give private lessons to pupils outside school hours.
+The Fujairah Educational Zone formed a special committee to report on those who break the rule.
+The zone prevented teachers at the emirate's government schools from giving private lessons to pupils at their homes for money because it contravenes the contracts they signed with the Ministry of Education when they were recruited.
+"We appointed teachers to give lessons and provide our students with knowledge and information according to the curriculum at school, and they are supposed to make sure that the pupils have fully comprehended their curriculum so that they don't need other private lessons at home," said a senior official from the zone.
+Not only are private lessons against the law, but they also have a negative economic impact on the community because parents have to burden themselves by paying extra money to the teachers, the source said.
+"Pupils attending private lessons at their homes tend to be careless and do not pay attention to the lessons or what the teacher says in the classroom, knowing that teacher or another one will come to his home and explain the lesson fully," the official said.
+He asked the teachers at public schools to do their best to complete their curriculum and finish their lessons in class.
+"We don't need the pupils to claim that their teachers did not explain to them their syllabus in class. We do not want the pupils to use it as an excuse to depend on private lessons at home conducted by some irresponsible teachers," the official said.
+"Days before an exam, some irresponsible teachers rush to give private lessons to their pupils at home and get Dh400 to Dh800 per lesson, he said.
+"Those teachers play a dangerous role in spoiling the educational policy set by the ministry."
+"Private lessons have another bad impact in that they make the pupils depend on memorising information rather than understanding it," he said. "Private lessons damage the pupils' capacity to think, comprehend and analyse the information they get in the classrooms."
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