Thursday, May 12, 2005

Staff shortage at Tanmia - Khaleej Times

THE Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has reported a severe shortage of staff in the Inspecting Department, a critical area which monitors the implementation of Labour Law and other legal requirements by companies and business houses.

According to available statistics, there are only 120 inspectors in the Department against a requirement of 450, which means a gap of 75 per cent. The touch of irony is that the National Human Resource Development and Employment Authority, the focal body looking into the Emiratisation process, has been repeatedly stating that they are looking for job openings for nationals registered with them in substantial numbers.
Indeed ironic. Raises many questions. What aspects of labor law do inspectors enforce? Emiratization? I suspect not. Working of conditions of low income foreign workers? Perhaps. There are many nationals seeking employment. Why have they not been hired for these vacancies?



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