Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Economics Major - Market Power

Market explains that undergraduate economics majors go on to have interesting lives. Follow link the headline above.

BELLY LAUGH ALERT: If you click on nothing else today click THIS. The inventor either:
(1) Learned everything he knows about (so-called) economists from watching Lou Dobbs or some other inane nabob or,
(2) Knows what I mean by (1).

Money quote from the Market Power posting:

Only a few of you, primarily the Ph.D. candidates, will ever have little cards with the title “economist” on them. Your cards will probably say something else. But if you are having buyer’s remorse over your choice of a major, don’t. While accounting or welding majors may have an easier time getting that first job—especially in the propane and propane accessories business—a major in economics will serve you better over the long run. My take on training in economics is that it becomes increasingly valuable as you move up the career ladder. I can’t think of a better major for corporate CEOs, congressmen or presidents of the United States. You’ve learned a systematic, disciplined way of thinking that will serve you well.
--Bob McTeer, Dallas Fed


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