Thursday, September 08, 2005

Ontario Islamic-law plan :: Globe and Mail

Amid a growing international outcry against allowing such tribunals, Mr. McGuinty said the government will decide "shortly" on whether to permit Islamic law to be used in Ontario family arbitration cases. . . . the government is still in the process of reviewing a report by former New Democrat Attorney-General Marion Boyd, which concluded that Muslims in Ontario should have the same rights as other religious groups that use faith-based arbitration to settle family disputes. The government has been sitting on her report for nine months. . . . Christians and Jews have practised religious arbitration in Ontario since 1991, when the NDP government at the time made it law.
If other religions can practice religious arbitration, then I don't see how Ontario can legitimately continue to deny that right to Muslims. The alternatives are all or none.

UPDATE. The Ontario-based Eclectic Econoclast has an opposing view.


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