Friday, September 09, 2005

The Religious Policeman covers the story of the demolition of the historic Ottoman railway bridge in Madinah. It will be interesting to see if his take is addressed in the media:
Can't you just sense the panic striking the hearts Abdullah and Ibrahim, the Al-Sheri brothers and supervisors of antiquities, in the Madinah Municipality building? They're often being asked for an explanation for something. That's quite easy. "It was Allah's will, your Excellency" usually does it. Or "I will conduct a thorough investigation immediately" fobs the guy off and he'll have forgotten about it by next week. But a convincing explanation is a bit more difficult. The true explanation, that Ibrahim and Abdullah run a business on the side, with a dozen Pakistanis laborers preparing authentic stone for upmarket buildings and palaces, is certainly convincing, but not advisable, particularly because they didn't cut Prince Sultan in on the deal. So it'll have to be convincing instead.


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